A Game-Changing Clothing Brand “Fabletics”

Empowering women through a clothing brand is a business idea that sounds like an unimaginable endeavor. Fabletics, however, has proven that this is something very doable. Over the past four years, this company has grown to over $235 million in revenue or over 200 percent. The clothing brand comes as a combination of athletic clothes that is also very fashionable. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato have stepped on board with the process and deemed this fashion line to be very inspiring and worthy of the attention it is getting.


Taking Advantage of the Crowd’s Opinion


A lot of brands fail to realize the importance of the reviews that buyers generate. This is a crucial mistake that can facilitate the loss of a large market share. Fabletics, however, understands that people treat customer reviews the same as personal recommendations made by friends. This is important because it has enabled this brand to leverage the power of the crowd to their advantage.


According to a study conducted by BrightLocal, half of the customers look into businesses’ reviews on a regular basis. This gives an opportunity to catch any potential changes in the way that the business operates, and inefficiencies will be hard to hide when potential customers keep a close eye on how satisfied buyers are.


Kate Hudson’s Impact on the Brand


Although Kate Hudson enjoys most of her fame through her acting skills and numerous movies, this actress has proven to be very knowledgeable in the industry of fashion and clothing. Since Fabletics got started, Hudson has been a vital part of the marketing team that takes advantage of social media and other up-to-date methods of promoting products.


What might be the most important difference between Kate Hudson and Fabletics relationship is the usage of the product. Since the brand provides athletic and fashionable clothes that are appropriate for many occasions, it is normal to see Hudson wear it repeatedly during a lot of informal events and her daily activities. Since customer reviews have an important role, the fact that one of the main leaders of this brand can be seen taking advantage of it is highly important.


Personalized Lifestyle Quiz


For prospective customers of Fabletics, the company provides what is known as the “Personalized Lifestyle Quiz“. This is a tool that can be used to assess one’s style and it will provide them with the best fit of clothing. This innovative option enables new customers to get recommendations on what type of clothes they should go for. Once the list is made, people can then easily get the actual clothes with a few clicks.


Taking this quiz might be an easy way to see if Fabletics has the products that someone is looking for. Therefore, for people looking to purchase new clothes or change the way they dress, it is highly recommended to complete the short evaluation and analyze the results. After all, over a million Fabletics members cannot be deemed wrong for their brand loyalty!

Rick Smith – Helping Securus Scale to Higher Heights

If success was as simple as saying your name, then no company would have ever collapsed. Its complexity is what has been a nightmare to many leaders. For the flourishing firms, it takes a combination of different skill for one course. Rick Smith is one of such leaders has managed to use his ability, skills, and knowledge to make Securus Technologies a premium company.

In July 2008, Smith to the job as the CEO of Securus Technologies. In his time he has been able to prove right those who believed he was the right man for the job. Securus is the undisputable company in providing correctional facilities with the surveillance technology. Smith has combined his skills, expertise and experienced he gained from other companies to make Securus the leader in providing high tech products for the prisons. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

Rick has an excellent background that prepared him well for Securus. For his education, he acquired an associated degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also attended State University of New York, Buffalo and graduated with a degree in engineering, before solidifying his education with an MBA from University of Rochester Simon School.

Rick Smith Securus had left a great legacy in other companies helping them reach achieve more goals before joining Securus. He first worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. From 1972 to 1998, where he held different positions, working for various departments. His success made him rise to the rank of the vice-president before he left in 1998.

Read: http://cityscene.org/securus-technologies-ceo-rick-smith-cuts-prison-communications-costs/

Eschelon Telecom Inc. is the other company that has had the privilege of having Rick work for them. For the nine years, he was at the firm; he managed to serve as the company’s financial officer, president and finally as the CEO. When he was at the helm of management, he was able to raise the annual revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

When Rick Smith arrived at Securus, he knew he had a great history that he could not tarnish by any under performance. His first point of focus was any defaults the company could be having. Global Tel Link was the main competitor he had to handle. As a measure to counter competition, he set up a call center that was performing much better than his rivals. Also, he had field agents that who respond to the customers for any complaint.

Rick is based in the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For the few years at Securus, he has increased the number of correctional and law enforcement agencies using the technology to 26,000. Over one million inmates are now enjoying improved security thanks to Securus.

It is just a handful of people who have managed to her a successful career like Rick. It may seem simple, but it took him hard work, dedication, and patience to get to his heights. For the few companies he managed to serve, the name Rick Smith will always bring back some good moments. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Advacements made by Equities First Holdings

All over Europe Equities First Holding is gaining a huge number of clients that are in need of financial loans. The loans that are offered by Equities are safeguarded by the stocks. This means that there are no threats once you get a loan from. Currently, Equities First Holding is one of the number one firm that is able to give clients good terms for the loan that they are taking.

It has its offices all over Europe and it has ensured that all the staffs are professionals that are good at what they do. Via the financial advisory of the experts all the clients are able to push through their goals when they follow the advice given by the team of experts. You have the best and the lowest interest rates that are offered by Equities First Holdings. The lowest interests rates are only found at no other lending firms but only Equities First Holdings.


A Review Of The Plight Of Human And Migrant Rights Defenders

In January 2017, the High Commissioner released a draft addressing the needs of human and migrant rights defenders. The draft, Principles and Practical Guidance on Respecting the Human Rights of Migrants in Vulnerable Situations, is tabled in section 34 of the Human Rights Council.

Principle 18 of the draft demands states to respect all organizations working to provide assistance to migrants. In summary, principle 18 emphasizes that the state should not criminalize the legitimate work of human and migrant rights defenders through laws and policies.

They are instead required to protect and publicly support these groups. Additionally, the principle holds governments and stakeholders accountable for any case of violence, intimidation or discrimination faced by migrant defenders.

The above draft comes in the midst of rapid increase of attacks towards human rights defenders and the civil society. While the world experiences unprecedented influx of migrants, there is a new sense of urgency to provide these vulnerable groups with support and assistance.

Human rights and civil society groups play a significant role of upholding migrant rights while offering assistance to them.

They work to confront power, inequality, exclusion and privilege. Governments are obliged to protect migrants’ universal rights by collaborating with human rights defenders to ensure that these minority groups are safe.

However, numerous states have demonstrated unwillingness to support human rights groups and other civil societies. They are instead adopting policies and laws to restrict their operations.

According to reports by OHCHR, human rights advocates in France were barred from contacting their clients during the migrant settlement. Michel Forst posited that in Australia, lawyers and human rights defenders offering their service to refugees and asylum seekers operate in a chilled environment owing to stigmatization, retaliation and vilification. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

While addressing the UN Human Rights Council, ISHR noted that restrictive measures was barring human rights defenders in Serbia to access the facility housing unaccompanied migrant children. In Mexico, the groups working to support migrants in transit have constantly faced threat from criminals who rape, extort and kill.

In Hungary, activists have accused the government for failing to protect migrants and their defenders who experience excessive force during peaceful demonstrations. Sarah M. Brooks, a leader at ISHR, said that challenging immigration practices that violate human rights was not an easy task. She urged the international community to rise to the occasion and ensure that these defenders and the civil societies operate freely.

About Lacey & Larkin

Lacey & Larkin, a non-profit organization, is among the groups that are supporting the good work of human and migrant rights defenders and the civil society. Based in Arizona, Lacey & Larkin support groups that seek to promote civil, human and migrant rights, including the freedom of expression and association.

Lacey & Larkin was founded by prominent journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are based in Arizona. The two are credited for founding Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media.

Michael and Jim raised $3.75 million after being wrongfully arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They have repeatedly exposed the Sheriff’s misuse of power and other ill deeds.

Malcolm CasSelle – President of WAX

Most gamers are familiar with a platform called OPSkins, where buyers can safely make purchases on video game virtual assets such as game skins, items, and cryptocurrency. The team of OPSkins is developing a new platform called Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), which will allow gamers to collect and trade in-game assets. WAX also allows users to operate a fully functioning virtual item marketplace in a widget.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur, CIO of OPSkins, and current President of WAX. He holds a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford both in computer science. He is also an outstanding multilingual speaking Mandarin and Japanese.


Previously he worked as President and Chief Technology Officer at tronc, Inc., also known as Tribune Publishing. Before that, he was Senior Vice President and General Manager, of Digital Media of SeaChange International. He joined the company in 2015 and started out as a CEO.

Malcolm CasSelle has also led three startups in the digital industry. One was MediaPass, which is a leading digital subscription solution for major media companies that helps recover lost revenue. The second startup Malcolm was Xfire; which was a freeware instant messaging service for gamers, with more than 22M users. Malcolm’s third startup was a joint venture with Tencent in China, called Groupon, which was an e-commerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering goods and services to supported countries.

Malcolm CasSelle has been an active investor in big data, block chains, and companies such as Blockchain Capital, BTCChina, Data Collective, WeRecover, Alpharank, Arsenic, Bringhub, Cryptocurrency Partners, XFire, MediMeals, Facebook, and Zynga, a developer of online games.

Aside from being, President of WAX, leading startups, and investing, Malcolm has also worked as an advisor to companies such as Plug and Play Bitcoin, Sensay, DirecTech Labs, VOTOCAST, PrettyQuick, and WeRecover.

NewsWatch TV Review – What SteelSeries Has to Say

Newswatch TV has helped many brands get their message out there. One of those brands is SteelSeries, which is a company that produces gear for gamers, such as headphones and gaming controllers. Their goal was to produce a video that they can use for their marketing efforts later on, besides being able to reach as many people as possible to reach their campaign goal. Newswatch TV helped them produce two separate videos for their campaign.


The two videos were seen in ninety five million houses across the United States. It was a smashing success. Tori Pugliese of SteelSeries explained that it was an amazing experience working with Newswatch TV, as they understood the entire process of SMT. She further explained that they knew how to produce the message that the company wants to get to their audience but in a way that the audience understands it in their own, the consumer’s, language. She said that the team was great, and that the first time they worked together it was a seamless process and that the collaboration was really easy. She praised Newswatch TV for putting together such a nice script that was timely and relevant. She further praised the quality of the video. She said that the distribution was great, and that they were able to repurpose the video and use it on other mediums, such as on social media and on their press section.


Newswatch TV is a popular TV show that has aired one thousand episodes. It focuses on consumer, entertainment, and technology news.


Newswatch TV has a great reach, as it reaches over ninety six million households in the United States. Its Youtube channel has received over four million views. Many celebrities come on to their shows. Companies are able to expand their reach by appearing on their shows.


Academy of Art University Keeps Up Its Mission To Bring New Talent

The Academy of Art University showcased their works for their 21st runway show since 2005. This is no easy feat as it’s rare to discover new talent over and over again. However, the Academy of Art University brings out more new talent with every runway they continue attending. This year for NYFW, there have been ten Academy of Art alumni showcasing five womenswear and two menswear collections. With talent from all over the world, the Academy of Art has an extensively diverse background of designers.

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 in the historical city of San Francisco. With their admissions process being inclusive of all people of different backgrounds, they set only one standard: be passionate about the art you do. They initially started out as a school that was for art advertising but later expanded their programs to include many types of art forms such as fashion.

Now the Academy of Art University is also a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. However, while it may seem like the school only serves artistic purposes, students also go to the Academy of Art University to learn about entrepreneurship. This enables students to efficiently run their own businesses from the skills they’ve learned through the classes.

The school offers various degrees ranging from an Associate’s degree to a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s degree depending on what the aim of the students is. They also offer many majors ranging from acting to game design; graphic design to interior architecture to media communication. Their majors are inclusive of most art forms and even newer media like game design. With a vast array of majors to choose from students can apply their talents and passions to the designated major of their choice.

What makes the Academy of Art University unique, is the fact that the school was founded on the basis that students should have access to art professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with students. From learning from seasoned professionals that prepares the students for their field at an advantage compared to other universities.


Life Insurance Is Important For Everyone To Get

If you have never considered choosing life insurance before it can be a bit daunting and hard to even know what some of the terms that have to do with life insurance mean. However, having life insurance is a great thing for not only yourself but your family to help with things such as funeral costs after you pass on, or college tuition for any kids you have.

It is important to know that there are two different types of life insurance. These two types are permanent life insurance and term life insurance. Permanent life insurance is important to get if you want to be covered for your whole life as it lasts your whole life no matter how old you are when you die.  Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapid=4308540

Term life insurance is not nearly as helpful as permanent life insurance but it is good for things like helping pay for your children’s college tuition or even if you need the life insurance to repay a debt you are going to have soon.

Permanent life insurance premium rates are typically higher than those of term life insurance but that is only because it lasts for your whole life where term insurance plans don’t. Many term insurance plans can be renewed but the premiums often go up in price each time you must renew them whereas permanent life insurance stays the same.

Now that you know a little bit more information about life insurance it would be important to know the name of a good life insurance company. According to Crunchbase, one of the most popular and trustworthy life insurance companies available to people is Freedom Life Insurance. Freedom Insurance has both term and permanent life insurance plans available depending upon their customer’s needs.

Freedom Life Insurance is also reasonably priced compared to the other life insurance companies out there and wont charge you all the money in your bank account just for a premium. If you are still a little bit confused on which type of life insurance you are going to need you can contact freedom life insurance for more help or information on what would be best for you.

Bruno Fagali’s Legal Wisdom Is a Banister to Ideal Corporate Ethics

He is a man full of vast expertise in addressing issues involving lawsuits of ethics, compliance, administrative, urban and regulatory law based in Brazil. To his name, he also has a reputation and a record to emulate. Since 2006 when he began practicing as counsel, he has worked with several legal firms and narrowing down to clients with diverse and deep issues.

Bruno Fagali is known for loudly vocalizing for advertising agencies ethics. This, because the sector had reported, had the highest corruption, manipulation, and blackmail cases in Brazil. Supported by the Anti Corruption Law promulgated in 2013, Bruno Fagali established the Corporate Integrity Program to enforce anti-corruption compliance. He is currently the overall manager. This has eliminated unethical conduct and vulnerability of subjects.

Other than this, Bruno Fagali has severally been sourced by corporate to advise and guide them on legal battles about industry regulation, administration, and compliance. He is wise in giving directives and negotiates unprotected thanks to his knowledge of the law and applicable cases. When the business crisis hit, Bruno Fagali is the person to run to and Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo concurs.https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/bruno-fagali-fala-sobre-compliance-atualmente-uma-das-principais-responsabilidades-da-governanca-

About Bruno Fagali
He is commonly known as Bruno Jorge Fagali, a Brazilian National, Lawyer, and Entrepreneur. Mr. Fagali is the owner and founder of Fagali Advocacia, which deals with compliance, ethics and law consultancy and representation. He is also the Corporate Integrity Manager of New/Sb Agency under the Secretariat of the Office of the President tasked with anti-corruption law enforcement.

Bruno Fagali is a graduate of Pontifical Catholic University where he studied law. He advanced to attain a State Law Masters degree from the Sao Paulo University. This is where he specialized in public and administrative law. He is a regent to the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics and the Institute of Administrative Law.

The One Thing Paul Mampilly Did To Create The Fastest Growing Newsletter In The Financial Industry

Profits Unlimited is a very successful newsletter run by legendary investor Paul Mampilly. And though it has only been around for a year, it has already managed to attract over 90,000 annual subscribers.

So what is it that Paul Mampilly did that other financial newsletters seem to overlook?

He focused on helping Main Street Americans

Mampilly understood that there was a group of under served investors who were looking for practical investment advice they could use to grow their retirement accounts quickly and efficiently.

By focusing on this one group of individuals Mampilly was able to create a very profitable newsletter in one of the most competitive industries in the world. While other publications are losing subscribers on a daily basis, Profits Unlimited continues to grow.

This type of success is nothing new to Mampilly. He has often been able to achieve success in the financial industry when things looked bleak and uncertain to others. One of his most famous investments netted him millions of dollars during one of the worst recessions the world had ever seen.

Mampilly gives his subscribers on point investment tips that they can quickly implement. His reader centric approach has been one of the many reasons his newsletter has grown so quickly.

Subscribers are able to get access to a digital and print version of the newsletter. Each issue will include a personal recommendation from Mampilly. He will share one company he plans to invest in along with clear price targets for buying and selling.

Read more on medium.com

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly was born in southern India and spent much of his life there before moving to the states. When he was a teenager his home country went through a very severe financial crises due to unpaid debt by the government.

To help pay off the debt the government turned to its citizens for private investments. If citizens invested they would receive an annual return of 18 percent for the next 30 years. It was this experience that introduced Mampilly to the world of investing.

After moving to the states Mampilly enrolled at Montclair State University where he would eventually earn a degree in finance and accounting. He would go on to study at several prestigious colleges including Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business where he earned his MBA.

After retiring in his early 40’s, Mampilly now spends the bulk of his time hanging out with his family in their North Carolina home.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/paul-mampilly-struck-gold/