Invented in 1950, Racquetball is a fast-paced sport that not everyone can play. Good reflexes, endurance, and handling skills are required to compete on a professional level. One individual who possesses all of these components is an entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt. Recognized by the official U.S. Racquetball Association, this athlete is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group. He also worked for RFID Checkout and KURE Juice Bar. With his expertise, Howitt shaped some of the main key points that one should adhere by, in order to become a prominent player.



Planning an appropriate course of action means that one will know exactly what long-term goals they have. Every training session should be designed to work toward an overall improvement. Working with other people from this profession can be an interactive tool that facilitates good planning.



As working with other professionals may not always be convenient, one should invest in a good coach. Not doing so will mean that the student will have to self-teach everything. Failing to have an extra pair of eyes observe one’s performance can be a critical mistake. That is why a lack of a good coach will have detrimental effects on one’s career.



By learning about the sport and looking for one’s flaws, little to no room for advancement exists. All improvements come from numerous games that have to be played almost daily. Repetitive training will lead to better hits and endurance. It will also help one build their playing style. The final goal is to be better than the opponent, which means having more hours of practice than them.


Making Racquetball Your Life

Only a fraction of people has the funds to dedicate themselves completely to the sport. This is where sponsorships of all sorts will come in handy. By attaining one, the player will be compensated to play as a representative of one brand.

At the end of the day, Howitt is a successful young businessman whose roots are in racquetball. Thus, following his advice might be a good decision for potential players!

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