The success of the direct sales industry is a business style that depends on the distributors that make up the company.  As Founder and CEO of Organo, Bernardo Chua possesses both.

In less than a decade, Bernardo Chua has developed his gourmet coffee company, which is now 55th of the direct sales companies in 35 countries. Bernardo Chua excels in leading a hub of over one million distributors to carry out his goal of introducing Ganoderma to the world. With Organo, he is infusing Columbian coffee and herbal tea to accomplish his goal.
Bernardo grew up in the Philippines where his mother used the 4,000-year-old Chinese herb, daily. It was here that he acquired the desire to share it with as many people as possible. He attended business school and moved to British Columbia, Canada where he founded his first company in 2000 called Gano Excel. At Gano Excel, he initiated his techniques in business using direct sales and sold the Ganoderma as a health food supplement.

Mr. Chua is a people-person at heart and is understanding and caring to his staff. As an example of this relationship, he asks them to refer to him as “Bernie,” his long-time childhood name. Bernie oversees all the distributors today.

In 2004, Bernie discovered that by using high-quality Ganoderma from the Asian Mountains, he could infuse rich coffees and teas with the super-herb, so it would be convenient for people to consume and obtain for better health. He closed Gano Excel because of the outdated concept of how to sell the Ganoderma, and in 2007, he founded his second business called Organo Gold.

Bernardo has become an unbelievable success in just a few years, and with the direct sales type of business, everyone in his company shares in the success. Last year, he changed the name to Organo, and he opened the country of Turkey to Organo distribution.

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  1. As he was developing his skills as a new entrepreneur, he was also building a team of distributors with the same vision. A direct business requires a leader with a keen sense of people as well one who has strategic business skills. The rule is that do have all it takes to bring out a leader for them also.

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