Gradually the human race is winning the war against cancer and aging. This is something encouraging as the menace of cancer, in particularly, has been devastating the human race. Many great minds well positioned to make the world a better place were terminated by this fatal disease. Also, since majority of cancer cases occur among people in their late 50s, 60s and beyond, this dreaded disease discourages hard-work as it does not give people the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. What the point laboring night and day without have a good taste of resources acquired? Visit ResearchGate to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

The men and women at the battle field discomfiting cancer and related diseases should be commended for effort asserted so far. They are literally cutting down on the number of human casualties to cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny stands tall among these noble and distinguished fellows for obvious reasons.

No one can tell the actual number of researches on cancer and aging Mikhail has conducted, they are simply too numerous. Even Mikhail himself has lost count of them. He caught the attention of the international society when he formulated a hypothesis on the possible action of TOR signaling, which has greatly boosted efforts in curbing cancer and aging. The popular cancer and anti-aging drug, ramapycin, would have remained in obscurity if not for Mikhail Blagoskloonny’s unflinching support.

Worthy of mention is the undeniable editorial skills of this noble figure. He has authored over 300 articles, book chapters and reviews so far. Many medical journals and magazines will not mind sacrificing anything to have him in their editorial teams. His writings are center on issues pertaining to cancer and aging where he holds a disputable depth of knowledge and experience. The likes of Cell Death & Differentiation, American Journals of Pathology, Cancer Biology & Therapy, and International Journal of Cancer have him on their editorial boards.

Mikhail Blagosklonny deserves all the accolades. He has been on the forefront of the war against cancer and aging for decades. Even though he advances in age yearly, he is still giving his best to the campaign. There are few cancer healthcare professionals that can rival his commitment and competence. View to read more about Mikhail