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Secrets To Throwing A Flawless Party According To Party Planners

Unless you’re a professional party planner, chances are that the thought of entertaining a fairly large group of people in your home brings up some feelings of stress and anxiety. Of course, with so many event planning companies in NYC, it’s easier than ever to hire someone to do the hard work of planning for you.


For example, Twenty Three Layers is one of the premier party and corporate event planners in NYC. As a full-service planning company, this group of industry professionals offers everything from personalized baked goods to stunning videography. Best of all, they work with parties of all sizes.


If dishing out the cash for a professional planner isn’t your thing, there’s no reason to feel hopeless. Planning a magnificent party comes down to details and organization. We’ve asked professional planners for their favorite tips when it comes to pulling off a flawless bash.



  1. Go for a Theme


While many of us associate themes with kids’ parties, adults love themes as well. By creating a fun theme that all of your guests can get into, you’ll be adding a ton of festive flair to your party. Plus, a theme can help you make decisions like what types of food to serve and how the decor should look.



  1. DIY Your Decor


You don’t need to blow tons of cash on fancy floral arrangements. Nowadays, it’s all about going the DIY route when it comes to decor. With websites like Pinterest providing people with easy-to-follow craft and decorating ideas, anyone can transform their home into a party atmosphere while staying within their budget.



  1. Appetizers Never Fail


When you’re entertaining more than ten guests, a sit-down meal isn’t necessarily practical. Instead of serving guests dinner, offer them a variety of fun appetizers that can be eaten with their hands. That way, they can continue to mingle while they chow down.





While throwing a party for your loved ones can feel overwhelming at times, following these simple tips will alleviate lots of stress. By the end of the night, you’ll feel like a professional party planner!