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The Sawyer Howitt Pro Racquetball Method

     Sawyer Howitt, a young entrepreneurial athlete in Portland, made a name for himself as a pro racquetball player with an eye for business. From his beginnings as an associate for RFID Checkout and KURE Juice Bar, he followed some simple steps and applied himself to become a player on the professional circuit, and is recognized by the US Racquetball Association. He is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group.

How did he accomplish this? With hard work, determination and a clearly defined plan. These are his keys to success.

Do Your Research

There are likely two facets to your desire to become a pro racquetball player, aside from recreational enjoyment. One is a desire for accomplishment and the other might be a desire for wealth. Both are attainable, providing you dedicate time to researching how to accomplish these goals.

Make A Plan

It is important, once your research is complete, to use the information you have learned to make a clearly defined plan for success. This often involves finding a professional to help you along the way.

Find A Coach

Visit your local racquetball club to find resources for coaching. Get referrals from seasoned players, or other professionals. Do background checks on prospective candidates and only settle for the best!

Do Your Workouts!

Simply finding a coach won’t be enough! It will take dedication and time to execute the training regimen you and your coach establish. Work hard, be in the best shape of your life and you are well on your way.

Practice Makes Perfect

The time you will need for training and workouts might exceed your free time if you are employed. Finding sponsors, or jobs associated with racquetball (such as coaching) will help you manage your time and keep up with training regularly.

By following these steps and giving 100%, you could soon be on your way!

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Edisoft Creating and Measuring Today and Tomorrow

Modern business owners are aware that it is important to keep evolving. Companies that don’t change rarely stay successful because they are not changing together with time. The client base changes together with time, so business environment does too. The perception of success is different than it once was. Data is transferred online, and management looks for different data to measure success. One thing that is still the same as the delivery of goods and services. Whether it is shipping products on a freight train or a shipping container across the ocean. Companies monitor the journey to see if time equals money.


Edisoft is a company that in the early nineties started developing software that would help businesses to gather and transfer data from one device to another. Nowadays Edisoft offers their clients software that also measures time and efficiency. It then allows this data to be collected and analyzed ( The software is easy to install and use, and Edisoft professionals will explain how to read the data once the firm receives it. One of the ways to measure success is to see if the journey goods and services make is planned efficiently and if the resources are used wisely and improve the performance in the supply chain.


Companies that mostly deal with online business understand that there will have to be investments. Edisoft software solutions also are an investment, but it pays back as soon as the company starts using it (Bloomberg). It simply makes the life of managers and overseers easier. It is simpler to understand which parts of the business are working well and which need improvements. This way the company can invest money to carry out these improvements.


It is a chain of events that will help companies to succeed. Since success is very often understood as a monetary value, the revenue will grow because the company will be more prepared to take on any competition and use their assets to come out on top. Edisoft offers their clients support, so they don’t have to wonder what to do with the software and how it works. It is a win0win relationship between the two companies.

More about Edisoft on Twitter | LinkedIn

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A Versatile Athlete Made Businessman – Sawyer Howitt

     Invented in 1950, Racquetball is a fast-paced sport that not everyone can play. Good reflexes, endurance, and handling skills are required to compete on a professional level. One individual who possesses all of these components is an entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt. Recognized by the official U.S. Racquetball Association, this athlete is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group. He also worked for RFID Checkout and KURE Juice Bar. With his expertise, Howitt shaped some of the main key points that one should adhere by, in order to become a prominent player.



Planning an appropriate course of action means that one will know exactly what long-term goals they have. Every training session should be designed to work toward an overall improvement. Working with other people from this profession can be an interactive tool that facilitates good planning.



As working with other professionals may not always be convenient, one should invest in a good coach. Not doing so will mean that the student will have to self-teach everything. Failing to have an extra pair of eyes observe one’s performance can be a critical mistake. That is why a lack of a good coach will have detrimental effects on one’s career.



By learning about the sport and looking for one’s flaws, little to no room for advancement exists. All improvements come from numerous games that have to be played almost daily. Repetitive training will lead to better hits and endurance. It will also help one build their playing style. The final goal is to be better than the opponent, which means having more hours of practice than them.


Making Racquetball Your Life

Only a fraction of people has the funds to dedicate themselves completely to the sport. This is where sponsorships of all sorts will come in handy. By attaining one, the player will be compensated to play as a representative of one brand.

At the end of the day, Howitt is a successful young businessman whose roots are in racquetball. Thus, following his advice might be a good decision for potential players!

Please read Tips To Better Your Business Skills By Sawyer Howitt.

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Alexandre Gama – An Advertising Professional

     Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur and creative advertising professional from Brazil. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Neogama Agency. Alexandre attended FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation), from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Communications and Advertising. Gama started his advertising career in 1982 with SOM (Standard Ogilvy & Mather), where he was employed as a creative copywriter. He also worked with DM9 as a Creative Director for four years. During this period, Alexandre Gama was the most recognized copywriter in Brazil. Gama also worked with several advertising agencies including Young & Rubicam and Almap BBDO.

In 2008, Alexandre Gama became the first person from Latin America to present the MC (Master Class) at the Cannes Festival, which was held in France. He also became one of the board members of ABAP (Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies) in 2002. The organization is responsible for promoting and supporting best practices when it comes to the communication industry of Brazil. Alexandre Gama is also active abroad. In 2004, he acted as the foreman of IFJ (International Film Jury) of one of the British foundations, D&AD. As an advertising professional, Alexandra Gama has received several recognitions in the form of awards. In 2006, he was nominated as one of the most influential professionals in Brazil. He also won the Caboré Award in 2007.

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Successful Litigation with Karl Heideck

     Litigation is also known as dispute resolution. It involves any assistance given to people who have disputes in business transactions. Companies or individuals may have differences in terms of mergers and acquisitions, banking transactions, competition, restructuring problems or contractual matters. In such a case, a litigator will come in to represent a plaintiff or defendant in civil cases. The litigator will help the client in the process of investigations, pleadings and discovery. The legal expert is also instrumental in pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. The education level of a litigator includes a Bachelor degree, a Test to the Law School Admission, a Juris Doctor (J.D), passing the Bar Exam and being experienced.

Litigation Process

The litigation process goes through different phases which include preliminary case assessment and development where the two parties can meet and the litigators can develop a theory for the case. The second one is pleadings where the defendant is served with summons and complaints. The third stage is discovery which means exchanging evidence. In the fourth stage there is summary judgement and finally a trial can be the next step if it is necessary.

Karl Heideck Legal Solutions

Karl Heideck is presently a legal heavy weight based in Philadelphia working as a hire counsel at Grant &Eisenhofer. He specializes in litigation, risk management and compliance. Over the years he has specialized in reviewing discovery materials which are being used for complex securities fraud or litigations in the banking industry. Karl Heideck also deals with risk management, banking crisis and acquisitions. He participates in settlement negotiations to give clients with the needed legal support in order to settle disputes.

In 2010, Karl Heideckworked as a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP reviewing the materials to be used for fact investigation, trial and discovery. He was dealing with issues on white collar defense, bankruptcy restructuring and pharmaceutical litigation. In 2010 he was also an Associate working at Conrad O’Brien representing companies and individuals in commercial litigation. Karl Heideck has skills in litigation, corporate law, legal research, legal writing, commercial litigation and employment law. Karl Heideck is also excellent in product liability, teaching, courts and civil litigation. He attended Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law.

For more, please check



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Working with Traveling Vineyard

The Great Advantages of Working With Traveling Vineyard

To be sure that you are maximizing on every entrepreneurial opportunity in your life, you need to consider getting in touch with companies that are excellent at everything that they handle. There are a lot of companies that can give you are opportunities which can be very rewarding. Traveling Vineyard is a company that teaches people about wine and also empowers people to go into business for themselves. Think about these tips in order to see if working with Traveling Vineyard makes sense for your lifestyle.

What is Traveling Vineyard?

This is an organization that matches people up with information about wine so that they can sell it through a variety of presentations. They will train you on the job and allow you to grow your income by selling the products.

What are some of the benefits of working with Traveling Vineyard?

This is an incredibly beneficial opportunity for a number of reasons, including the following:

#1: You will get all of the training that you need

By working with this company, you will have the opportunity to get your business started under the tutelage of experts. Not only will you have access to training information, you will have real people who can walk you through the necessary steps. You will also be provided with all of the equipment that you need.

#2: There are a lot of training and networking opportunities

By looking at the big picture and continuously learning more about entrepreneurship, you can take this information and use it however you see fit. Traveling Vineyard is continuously holding seminars and conferences that you will be happy to take part in.

#3: The potential is limitless

If you’re tired of the 9-to-5 route and went to increase your earnings, this is an excellent way to do it. Make sure that you do everything possible to learn on the go and always increase your earnings potential.

Traveling Vineyard is a great company that can get you started, whether you just like wine or whether you are truly looking to put your best foot forward as an entrepreneur. Consider these ideas so that you can take the right steps.