ClassDojo is a nifty app that has teachers and school administrators loving every bit of it. Its founders certainly intended for it to be a highly useful app, but they didn’t think it would have as wide a reach as it has. ClassDojo is free to download on various app stores, and requires no paperwork to use. The app has become known through word-of-mouth and this approach has helped it save on various costs. The app has become well known in both the US and overseas, and now it’s said that 2 in every 3 schools now use it.

ClassDojo was started by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two graduate students who traveled from the UK to the US looking to start an app, but weren’t sure what to feature with it. Then they thought about education and decided it was time to change the classroom atmosphere. So they attended a teacher’s conference in San Francisco where they started asking teachers what they thought might be useful in a classroom app. They came up with a simple app that rewards good student behavior with appropriate points, and encourages collaboration among students with their peers. The result has been a positive environment that has made a difference for many teachers.

They are challenged to stretch their mind and think in new ways to solve problems, and see the fruits of their labors. The app has evolved into a platform similar to Facebook, but with teachers and administrators in control of content. When parents take a look at student stories, they can see activities their children are participating in during class. The constant communication has allowed teachers and parents to make once a semester meetings obsolete.

ClassDojo has addressed all concerns about privacy by not selling any data to any data broker companies. They’ve added extra security layers to make sure that only authorized individuals can access profiles and accounts. So far, ClassDojo has raised over $30 million in venture capital, the latest coming just about a year ago in a $21 million offering. There is no rush to start monetizing this app, but Chaudhary and Don have said they will add premium content to be paid for that is optional, while the app download and basic use will remain free.

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