Daniel Mark Harrison is a man who lives a mark in every place that he works in. The entrepreneur is the CEO and chairman of the Daniel Mark Harrison Company. The global investment company takes care of his assets as well as those of his family. The company has operations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Since 2016, he works as a managing partner of Monkey Capital. The block chain investment bank made headlines due to their successful sale of COEVAL trading on DEX (Wave Decentralized Exchange). This made the company a pioneer of the crowd funding option.

Harrison is an author and has published two books. The first one explores the millennials attitude on different subjects and is called “Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World.” The second book is “Millennials Reincarnation.” With a Masters degree in Journalism and an MBA, he has made positive contributions as a writer for Coinspeaker. The site is a news source for professionals that are involved in Altcoin and Bitcoin. He has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Daily Dot and is a visitor of business news channels such as Reuters, CNN, and Bloomberg.

The successful entrepreneur worked as head of private clients at St Helen’s Capital Plc where he established platforms for sale to venture capitalists and hedge funds. While working at Asia Markets-The Street NY, he co-produced Asia Products and news featured videos and jump started The Street.com office in Hong Kong. Between 2010 and 2013, he co-founded Stanley Court Ltd (Thailand) where he was involved in marketing and fundraising for various projects. As a senior Manager at Minisuco Ltd, China, he negotiated the purchase of a competitor in his capacity as an M&A consultant.

The media expert was a Motley Fool columnist for six years, was a senior writer in Credit Flux, she wrote for BNET.com and U.S Finance Journal. Harrison was an editor-in-chief and publisher at Marx Rand, a publication that deals with matters of general interest. Having developed factory banking concept which is used for organization and transaction in the IoT economy, much is expected from this successful businessman. He is working on a Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium a model that challenges the validity of free market economy pricing models.