Doe Deere is much more than just her purple hair, or pink or some other shocking color like this. Doe Deere is also called the “Queen of Unicorns” by many.



She has a passion for makeup. She loves all the colors of the rainbow. Her successful cosmetic brand known as Lime Crime is a testimony to that.



Doe Deere gave an interview in which she told us a lot of unknown details about herself.



She was born in Russia, and she grew up there. When she was 17, she moved to the U.S. This would mean that her formative years were actually in Russia and New York City. Today she lives in Los Angeles.



Doe Deere has been imaginative always. This can also be considered as being ambitious. But as a child, no one dreams big. She just dreamed of becoming a musician. She moved on to New York in order to become a musician. This helped her to learn many things that included career besides marketing. She learned how to appreciate when people used to come out to her events and so on.



She started out with her dreams of becoming a musician. This led her to makeup, and she is happy here. Doe Deere has always been entrepreneurial. Her first business was in Russia when she was just 13 years old. She was selling temporary tattoos. This was a novelty at that time. She found this a lot of fun.



She discovered these, made them popular and then sold them to her classmates. She made these cool by wearing them first. She reinforced that having a temporary tattoo on you is quite cool.



Doe Deere simply loved being in New York City. She lived there from 1998 to 2012. She lived there since she was 17. Hence she actually became an adult there. She lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn.



She was in a band at that time. Hence she associates New York with music. All this indicates that the “Queen of Unicorns” is a true inspiration. She makes people confident that anyone from any walk of life has this opportunity to make his/her dreams come true. All this showed how this founder of Lime Crime was able to make it big for her in the beauty industry! Her story can be anybody else’s. Thus she is inspiring one and all with her success story.


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