Don Ressler works with other successful entrepreneurs who help him to manage his several businesses. His passion for entrepreneurship began more than 15 years ago and he has been one of the most important entrepreneurs in the online world in Europe. He is the brain behind the development of several successful businesses on and his counsel has helped many young entrepreneurs to make useful decisions about managing their businesses.

Don Ressler founded as his first business and although the plan he had was awesome, the business environment was not good. He could only bank on the future to establish the company because people were slowly learning about purchasing products online. ran for few years and he started to see positive changes in its performance.

The little changes that occurred allowed Don Ressler to believe he was capable doing a lot. This passion and motivation pushed him to sell the company on Crunchbase, which was acquired by Intermix Media in 2001. This transaction opened up some more opportunities because it is at the same period he met with Adam Goldenberg, a passionate entrepreneur and a creative business person. They signed an agreement to partner to form Alena Media, a company that helped small and medium size businesses to market their products and services.

Intelligent Beauty
Alena Media emerged with a lot of success within just three years after inception. Don Ressler and Adam believed they could achieve more with bigger and new ideas on LinkedIn, so they decided to sell the company to form Intelligent Beauty. In 2005, News Corp acquired Alena and this allowed the duo to have sufficient time to brainstorm their next move. In 2008, they settled for the beauty market and founded Intelligent Beauty, which remains a strong company in Europe.

Established in 2010, JustFab is a project Don Ressler and Adam have been working on since inception. The company runs a subscription retail that allows users to access exclusive rights to different types of products at To grow to its capacity, JustFab was funded by Matrix Ventures with an amount of $33 million in 2011. Their second application went to several companies and they were given a total of $76 million, which was enough to develop the company to enter Germany, Canada and other European markets.

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