Dr. Scott Rocklage has served as Managing Partner of 5 AM Ventures for over 13 years now. He joined the company in 2003 as a Venture Partner. He has more than 30 years’ experience in leadership responsibilities.

His reputation in the industry was a major contributor for the approval of three U.S. New Drug Application (Omniscan, Cubicin & Teslascan) by FDA. He is also acknowledged for entering several drug candidates into clinical trials.

Dr. Rocklage’s Career Journey

Dr. Rocklage led Cubist Pharmaceuticals as Chairman and CEO. He also served Nycomed Salutar as President and CEO. Additionally, held several R&D positions at Salutar and Catalytica. He served as Board Chairman of Novira and Relypsa(NASDAQ: RLYP).

Currently, he is the chairman of Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara (NASDAQ: CSTX) and an active member of the boards of Epirus and Pulmatrix. Previously, he served as Executive Chairman of Miikana(acquired by EntreMed), llypa(acquired by Amgen), and Semprus(acquired by Teleflex).

Dr. Rocklage went to the University of California, Berkeley for his B.S. in Chemistry and obtained his Ph.D. on the same from MIT. At MIT, he carried out research in Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory. Richard was the 2005 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.

Dr. Scott has invested and co-invested in more than 30 U.S. patents. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications. His office is in Boston. Click here to know more.

Dr. Rocklage’s Day to Day Life

Dr. Rocklage has no typical day. Some of his days are spent studying new ideas while others are spent in Board Meetings. He works in close collaboration with physicians, scientists, and business leaders to come up with new solutions in medicine.

According to him, the habits that make him successful are time management, prioritization and calendaring. If he were to start again, Dr. Rocklage would put more emphasis on people – team selection, at the initial stages of a company. Hiring the right people is key.

He encourages entrepreneurs to indulge in measure risk-taking. To him, you are better of working for yourself than for a fortune 500 company. His favorite book is the classic, “Good to Great.”