Modern business owners are aware that it is important to keep evolving. Companies that don’t change rarely stay successful because they are not changing together with time. The client base changes together with time, so business environment does too. The perception of success is different than it once was. Data is transferred online, and management looks for different data to measure success. One thing that is still the same as the delivery of goods and services. Whether it is shipping products on a freight train or a shipping container across the ocean. Companies monitor the journey to see if time equals money.


Edisoft is a company that in the early nineties started developing software that would help businesses to gather and transfer data from one device to another. Nowadays Edisoft offers their clients software that also measures time and efficiency. It then allows this data to be collected and analyzed ( The software is easy to install and use, and Edisoft professionals will explain how to read the data once the firm receives it. One of the ways to measure success is to see if the journey goods and services make is planned efficiently and if the resources are used wisely and improve the performance in the supply chain.


Companies that mostly deal with online business understand that there will have to be investments. Edisoft software solutions also are an investment, but it pays back as soon as the company starts using it (Bloomberg). It simply makes the life of managers and overseers easier. It is simpler to understand which parts of the business are working well and which need improvements. This way the company can invest money to carry out these improvements.


It is a chain of events that will help companies to succeed. Since success is very often understood as a monetary value, the revenue will grow because the company will be more prepared to take on any competition and use their assets to come out on top. Edisoft offers their clients support, so they don’t have to wonder what to do with the software and how it works. It is a win0win relationship between the two companies.

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