Joao Pessoa continues to take pride in its largest shopping mall, Manaira Shopping. The center belongs a renowned businessman, Roberto Santiago, and it integrates diverse leisure options for its clients, rich cookeries, and a history-embedded model among other modern day choices. The center has been proven as a beacon of fun and entertainment. They aim at satisfying individuals in search of sites where they can play, watch movies together, skate, among other things families would wish to do on an outing.

Roberto’s mall was launched in 1989, and since its setup, it has always been improved. Five expansions have been done, in a bid to improve customer satisfaction. For the movie-freaks, you enjoy from any of the eleven rooms, where each possesses a high aesthetic value and also the modern day screens. You can also enjoy over 200 machine games regardless of your age or taste.

Exemplary Qualities Portrayed by Santiago

For Mr. Roberto, he identifies loopholes and devices ways of bridging them. That is why you realize that he keeps on expanding the mall depending on the needs. It was after he set up the shopping center that João Pessoa came into the limelight and other companies began developing an interest in the area. Everyone appreciates that the mall has brought about significant social and economic growth.

Additionally, he is a strategic planner. Within the mall are cuisines prepared by professional chefs. Mind you, even the fast foods and drinks are also available. If you want to leave your home with family and engage in activities till twilight, whether rigorous or merely for rest, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping should be your next stop.

Architectural State of Manaira Shopping

The mall occupies a big area of a hundred and thirty-five square meters. It has been in operation for the last twenty-seven years and has grown its parking lots to three thousand, one hundred and eighty. It is also worth noting that there is an available leasing area, which is eighty-sixed thousand nine hundred and eight square meters. It is in every way a magnificent structure. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

Why Manaira is an Irresistible Choice for All

There are various activities in which you can participate. The mall is designed in such a way to incorporate all people regardless of their age. With exclusive fun and a decent food court, you surely do not have a better place than Manaira shopping.


Within the mall are also banks and institutions of higher learning. The Brazilian state of Paraiba boasts that such a great shopping center sits on its land. Most Brazilians recognize the mall as the reference and a station where quality service delivery is defined. On its top lies Domus Hall. It is two-floored and was launched in 2009, as an ideal venue for theatrical performances, receptions, and general functions.

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