Jason Hope is considered a major believer in the so-called Internet of Things. Through the years, Hope has made name for himself as a frequent writer and commentator on technology trends.

Hope has written extensively on the subject of the Internet of Things, which he calls the greatest new advancement in the tech industry at this juncture in time.

At its essence, the Internet of Things is technology that permits various devices to sync with one another. This syncing functionality includes devices that are utilized in the course of daily living like electronic devices and kitchen appliances. The technology involves connecting devices utilizing the same network. The process enhances efficiency and decreases waste. Hope contends that this technology has the potential to significantly alter the way businesses operate. He maintains that the Internet of Things may be the most significant technological advance for years to come.

A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope is a futurist. He is also an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Hope grew up in Tempe.

Hope received a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He then went on to obtain an MBA from the same university.

Hope has established a grant program. Through this program, he provides grants to high school and college students that he believes have come up with solid ideas in the tech arena. He offers grants from $500 to $5,000 to students with tech concepts that he believes have merit.

Hope maintains a blog. The focus of his blog is tech innovation and related topics.