Healthcare is now slowly becoming one of the most dominating sectors with more and more people having to apply for these services owing to the kind of lifestyle people lead. More often than not, getting quality healthcare may be a long shot for some, due to numerous factors that may stand in their way. InnovaCare is one company that tries to go out of its way to help the people they serve and provide quality healthcare to the people of Puerto Rico. With numerous centers all over the country and various doctors employed to help people, InnovaCare is slowly becoming to go to solution and face of good healthcare in Puerto Rico.  Read more about Innovacare at

Since its establishment, InnovaCare has always strived to offer the best possible services to people coming to them for medical help. With the extensive list of medical services, InnovaCare aims to help people to the best of their abilities. InnovaCare knows that a disease or illness can dawn on anyone and at any time, and therefore, the need to remain prepared for any adversity is a must. Therefore, the company provides health care packages to people who can support them in their time of need. According to these packages, people will receive timely medical care without having to worry about the costs that are associated with it. The company encourages people to log onto their website and choose a plan that works for them. The needs of each patient are different, and the company understands this entirely and thus provides top healthcare facilities to those who need it, provided they are registered under these plans. Through this, InnovaCare has managed to lift the burden of monetary funding that people have when they are being admitted into hospitals or diagnosed with medical conditions that require a significant amount of medical attention.

However, InnovaCare would be nothing without their excellent leadership and people who have mentored and led the company to its state of current success. The company is led by Dr.Rick Shinto who also serves as the CEO. Having an enormous amount of experience in the field of medicine, Dr. Shinto has been able to apply his knowledge to benefit the company as well as the people it serves. By his side is the Chief Administration Officer Penelope Kokkinides who acts as Dr. Shinto’s trusted advisor. She leads all the administrative procedures that the company is required to undertake and also presides over a lot of the other operations that the company has to perform.

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