In a recent article posted on, Doe Deere answers questions about her life and her unique brand of cosmetics known as Lime Crime. Born is Russia but raised in New York City Deere has always been surrounded by the fashion world. Her love of all things cosmetic manifested at a young age and grew into a life-long passion. She started selling her own vegan and organic products on eBay in 2008 after becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of vivid colors. The name Lime Crime was made on a whim but customers loved it so it was never changed. Almost a decade later and Lime Crime is a well-known cosmetics name.


Unlike her early days on eBay, Doe Deere has several people working with her to help create her numerous products ranging from lipstick to eye-shadow. She is in constant contact with her Creative Director, President, Vice President and Chemists to make sure her company is running smoothly. Ever busy, Deere uses her free time to brainstorm new ideas or respond to customers via email.


Looking back on her life so far, Doe Deere wishes that she would have started her business earlier. In her twenties she held a few administrative positions at insurance companies and didn’t realize how depressed it was making her feel until she quit and worked on Lime Crime full time. She states that doing so was such a huge confidence booster. Deere would have also told her past self to go with her gut instinct more. When Lime Crime began there were family members, friends and even business partners that thought the company should go in a certain direction. Deere mentions that standing up for what she believed in would have helped her company grow faster. Now her intuition about business plans is almost second nature.


Growing her business and seeing happy customers is what Doe Deere lives for. She thinks that her dedication to both parties is one of the reasons that both employees and consumers love Lime Crime. Deere believes that when workers are appreciated they enjoy and offer support and new ideas to help Lime Crime. It is a circular process where everyone benefits. One person who has assisted Deere the most is her “partner-in-lime-crime” Mark. Mark is currently the President of Lime Crime and partner of Doe Deere. They have known each other for sixteen years and Deere states that the company would have taken twice the time to get where it is now without his help.