José Auriemo Neto, has been the CEO of JHSF Par since the year of 2003. He joined JHSF Par companies in 1993, founded the services department (he created the parking lot management company Parkbem in 1997), served as the CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA from the years of 2006 until May 2014 and served on its Board of Executive Officers beginning on March 26, 2009. In 1998, he started the amazing shopping center department, which was highly successful, by securing the contract to develop the Shopping Santa Cruz and finally implemented and managed it. In 2009, José Aureimo Neto also oversaw the group’s first retail venture. He successfully signed partnership deals with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes. Following this triumphant move, he opened the luxury brand’s first high fashion stores owned by JHSF in the popular Cidade Jadrim shopping center. 2012 marked a monumental year. The group landed a deal with Valentino and launched the very first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino outlets in Brazil; the country’s retail environment has forever been changed by José Auriemo Neto’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Not long ago, José and his wife, Mariana, moved to New York for a period of a little over six months. “Why?” you may ask. His children enrolled in the American school system to benefit from the public-school system while he made smart moves into American real estate. He kept a close eye on the property development and construction of the high-rise apartment building connected to the five-star JHSF hotel service just off Fifth Avenue, facing Central Park. The area is well-known for socialites and upper-class affluence. It is here that José Auriemo Neto plans to make his next big mark. You see, the apartments in his name will not be for sale, instead, he will only be renting them out to prospective tenants. This is a highly intelligent investment strategy on the part of José.

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