Tired or the same old lifeless lipsticks and eyeshadows on the shelves? Well, Lime Crime cosmetics has the solution to this problem.

Created in 2008 by Doe Deere, who faced this same issue when she was unable to find bold colored lipsticks that fit her style, Lime Crime was the first to launch radical lip colors. In 2009, the Unicorn lipstick collect emerged and in 2012 the Velveteen line followed suit.


The Velvetines line launched by Lime Crime was inspired by the velvet feel of rose petals. These liquid to matte lipsticks dry to a touch proof velvet look. They’re bold in color and bring in out the best features of their users.


The Velvetines line isn’t the last of Lime Crime’s products, even if they are the most popular on Love-Makeup.co.uk. The Vampin’ Ain’t Easy line launched just in time for Halloween. This line features bold colors that allow users to show off their best features this season.


Lime Crime encourages their users to break out the box and enjoy experimenting with color. The brand stands for being free of the traditional way of life and being free to be yourself.


All of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan. In 2012 the company revamped their products to meet the new standards for vegan cosmetic This restructuring included the product packaging as well.


Being different is a beautiful thing and Lime Crime gets that. In fact, they encourage people to be their own kind of beautiful. So, next time you’re looking for that right color, visit their website for a look you’ll love.  Check out what they actually look like going on, with Celia Leslie’s YouTube tutorial.

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