A young entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, established Magnises in 2014.  Magnises offers an avenue for young professionals to interact and network. The principle behind the functioning of the black card is that it is linked to member’s current credit or debit card. Each time a member uses the card, the money is debited from their account. However, it is designed to provide benefits for its users. Billy McFarland has liaised with several clubs and hotel owners to allow members to pay for their purchases utilizing the black card.

Advantages of a Magnises black card

A Magnises card is designed to provide access to special events and private clubs in various cities such as Washington D.C., East Coast, and the New York. Additionally, the card offers discounts when used in certain bars, restaurants, clubs, many exotic getaways, and private concerts. The black card also allows holders to access Magnises club where they can meet other members and interact over a free drink. Magnises has formed alliances with other businesses and, hence, a cardholder can get discounts for various sporting activities and entry into top art galleries.

Lifestyle perks released in 2016

Magnises recently added new features to the black card known as Club Pass and Hotel Pass. A Club Pass feature serves to offer members access to top nightclubs in the city at discounted rates of about $65 a month. A Hotel Pass, on the other hand, offers members access to luxurious hotels at discounted costs of about $79 per night. These new features give members an opportunity to stay at their dream hotels.

Magnises target group

Since its inception into the market, Magnises has attracted over 12,000 members most of whom are between 21 and 35 years. Magnises’ members are people who share similar interests and can form their social network. This platform offers its members an opportunity to enjoy facilities that they were not able to access previously.

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