Newswatch TV has helped many brands get their message out there. One of those brands is SteelSeries, which is a company that produces gear for gamers, such as headphones and gaming controllers. Their goal was to produce a video that they can use for their marketing efforts later on, besides being able to reach as many people as possible to reach their campaign goal. Newswatch TV helped them produce two separate videos for their campaign.


The two videos were seen in ninety five million houses across the United States. It was a smashing success. Tori Pugliese of SteelSeries explained that it was an amazing experience working with Newswatch TV, as they understood the entire process of SMT. She further explained that they knew how to produce the message that the company wants to get to their audience but in a way that the audience understands it in their own, the consumer’s, language. She said that the team was great, and that the first time they worked together it was a seamless process and that the collaboration was really easy. She praised Newswatch TV for putting together such a nice script that was timely and relevant. She further praised the quality of the video. She said that the distribution was great, and that they were able to repurpose the video and use it on other mediums, such as on social media and on their press section.


Newswatch TV is a popular TV show that has aired one thousand episodes. It focuses on consumer, entertainment, and technology news.


Newswatch TV has a great reach, as it reaches over ninety six million households in the United States. Its Youtube channel has received over four million views. Many celebrities come on to their shows. Companies are able to expand their reach by appearing on their shows.