Ms. Martinez Luque: a Latin Music Sensation

Mostly, success stories have a strong force at their core. In the case of Norka Martinez Luque, that force has always been her strong desire to change people’s lives through music. Born and raised in the capital of Venezuela, she embarked on a journey of musical discovery and exploration from a tender age (eight years).

With the unconditional support from her parents, Ms. Norka received dance and instrument training, which she considered steps toward her final goal of becoming a professional singer. The young Venezuelan singer took every kind of music and instrument lessons whether it was piano, singing, flamenco or ballet.

The instruments and dance lessons actually paid off. Norka Luque was able to win several dancing and singing competitions at school and college. Soon after she completed her high school education, her parents sent her abroad to pursue higher education.

While abroad, she indulged in different things to keep alive her dream of making the world a better place through music. She started performing in different clubs in France. Additionally, the beautiful Venezuelan joined a funk and rock group by the name bad moon rising. Through these activities, she perfected her art as a singer.

Ms. Martinez did not forget her academic studies. After four years of hard work, she finally graduated with a degree in Business Management. Norka tried a short banking career in Monaco before realizing that the profession did not suit her. That is when she decided to relocate to the United States to pursue music as a career.

Despite the attempts at showcasing her talent in night clubs around the Miami area, it wasn’t until the Grammy Award-winning producer Emilio Estefan became interested in her talent that she got her big break.

Guided by Mr. Estefan, Norka Luque was able to release her first single “Como lo hacestú, “officially starting her journey as a professional artist. “Como lo hacestú“ was written by the famed songwriter Archie Peña. This song was a success. In fact, it got Ms. Martinez a nomination for the Best Pop Female Artist of the Year at the 2011 Lo Nuestro awards.

Ms. Martinez released yet another single in 2012. The song was titled “Milagro.” Taking the Latin music charts by storm, the song made Ms. Martinez an international sensation.

Her new single “Tomorrowland” is steadily climbing the dance music charts. Find out more about her here.

Lime Crime a Bold and Eccentric Cosmetic Brand


Tired or the same old lifeless lipsticks and eyeshadows on the shelves? Well, Lime Crime cosmetics has the solution to this problem.

Created in 2008 by Doe Deere, who faced this same issue when she was unable to find bold colored lipsticks that fit her style, Lime Crime was the first to launch radical lip colors. In 2009, the Unicorn lipstick collect emerged and in 2012 the Velveteen line followed suit.


The Velvetines line launched by Lime Crime was inspired by the velvet feel of rose petals. These liquid to matte lipsticks dry to a touch proof velvet look. They’re bold in color and bring in out the best features of their users.


The Velvetines line isn’t the last of Lime Crime’s products, even if they are the most popular on The Vampin’ Ain’t Easy line launched just in time for Halloween. This line features bold colors that allow users to show off their best features this season.


Lime Crime encourages their users to break out the box and enjoy experimenting with color. The brand stands for being free of the traditional way of life and being free to be yourself.


All of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan. In 2012 the company revamped their products to meet the new standards for vegan cosmetic This restructuring included the product packaging as well.


Being different is a beautiful thing and Lime Crime gets that. In fact, they encourage people to be their own kind of beautiful. So, next time you’re looking for that right color, visit their website for a look you’ll love.  Check out what they actually look like going on, with Celia Leslie’s YouTube tutorial.

Brad Reifler and His Accomplishments


Brad Reifler has been in the cooperate world for over thirty years which comes in handy because the business Forefront Capital focuses on offering professional guidance to commodities and the forex markets. Brad Reifler is well-known for being very passionate about the future and his ideas for the future. He believes in people having the ability to have complete financial freedom when it comes to the expenditures. He also believes no matter if you fall under the low-income class or the high-income class, you can get involved in the world of investing, and it will pay off.


LinkedIn shows that Reifler attended Bowdoin College where he graduated with a degree in political science and economics which has seemed to pay off well for him as his work history demonstrates. He started his career right off the bat and has not stopped since the start.


Brad Reifler can be described as an exceptionally successful entrepreneur. Reifler is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital and has been since 2009. He began his entrepreneur journey in 1995 where he developed his first business, Pali Capital. Reifler remained involved in that business until 2008, where he then expanded to CEO of Forefront Capital. Check out some of Brad’s expert insight in action on his profile.


The Competence of Cone Marshal Law Company in the provision of it Services

Cone Marshall is a New Zealand law firm that operates in different parts of the globe, and it has majored in offering legal solutions that are deal with trust and tax. The company was founded in 1999, and it is currently headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Its operations are headed by it two principals who are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall.

Karen Marshall was an employee of a law firm that is based in London, and she worked at its Commercial Litigation Department for over 10 years. She then moved to Cone Marshall in 2005 and served Geoffrey Cone for one year before being made a senior partner at the law firm in 2006. Her main responsibility at the company is to guide statutory trustee enterprises, and she also has ample skills in the administration of trustees.

Geoffrey Cone as a law expert has been offering his clients international trust and trustee control solutions as well as trust and tax policies since 1980. His company, Cone Marshal Limited, has been cooperating with partners from different parts of the world and their advisers by offering guidance on how to start trusts in New Zealand, firms and associations, and giving global wealth and tax projection advice. An article that serves as a Law Firm & Experts Directory named Cone as a Quintessential Tax Lawyer in May 2016.

New Zealand was accredited as a Model of Tax Transparency in a social media post that was made on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in 2012. Mr. Cone shunned claims that New Zealand’s banking sector is highly private, and therefore, it has become a tax haven for many organizations. According to him, the country has been registered as part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and it has been a consistent subscriber to the values that are listed in its gold level of honesty. The OECD has been named as a Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters.

Mr. Cone also talked about the why many international trusts are creating branches in New Zealand. He argued that the country has been recognized across the world as a nation that is secure and its judicial system is competent. Many organization, therefore, prefer to keep their assets in a location that has a good reputation.