For Best Returns On Investment: Hire An Active Fund Manager

Investors know that making critical decisions in an investment is essential because they do not know what funds will outperform the other. For that reason, investors find the most experienced fund manager for managing their equity portfolio. For decades, active managers do a large extent of comprehensive research on mutual funds using two filters to sort and compare when making decisions on investments: “low expenses and high manager ownership,” says Tim Armour to CNBC, Feb. 27, 2017.

Timothy Armour has over three decades of investment expertise and has been an active management at Capital Group in Los Angeles, California, where he was elected chairman in 2015. “Our number one mantra is we will get you better returns over time,” said Tim Armour to Charles Stein, Bloomberg, L.P., July 28, 2015.

To receive the best returns on investments, Armour and Capital Group are always thinking for, and looking out, in the best interests of their clients financial portfolios. As an active financial manager, Armour’s success lies with strategies he uses in researching best solutions with current business trends in investments, such as index funds.

Armour is a world leading asset manager continuously researching new trends. He says on Jason Bailey’s blog that equities are currently struggling to hit new highs after President Donald Trump’s election. Armour also says on Bailey’s blog that since the 2016 president election, there have been changes in asset prices and bond markets are stabilize. Overall, key indexes hit record highs with new policies under the Trump administration.

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Interviewing Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

In a recent article posted on, Doe Deere answers questions about her life and her unique brand of cosmetics known as Lime Crime. Born is Russia but raised in New York City Deere has always been surrounded by the fashion world. Her love of all things cosmetic manifested at a young age and grew into a life-long passion. She started selling her own vegan and organic products on eBay in 2008 after becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of vivid colors. The name Lime Crime was made on a whim but customers loved it so it was never changed. Almost a decade later and Lime Crime is a well-known cosmetics name.


Unlike her early days on eBay, Doe Deere has several people working with her to help create her numerous products ranging from lipstick to eye-shadow. She is in constant contact with her Creative Director, President, Vice President and Chemists to make sure her company is running smoothly. Ever busy, Deere uses her free time to brainstorm new ideas or respond to customers via email.


Looking back on her life so far, Doe Deere wishes that she would have started her business earlier. In her twenties she held a few administrative positions at insurance companies and didn’t realize how depressed it was making her feel until she quit and worked on Lime Crime full time. She states that doing so was such a huge confidence booster. Deere would have also told her past self to go with her gut instinct more. When Lime Crime began there were family members, friends and even business partners that thought the company should go in a certain direction. Deere mentions that standing up for what she believed in would have helped her company grow faster. Now her intuition about business plans is almost second nature.


Growing her business and seeing happy customers is what Doe Deere lives for. She thinks that her dedication to both parties is one of the reasons that both employees and consumers love Lime Crime. Deere believes that when workers are appreciated they enjoy and offer support and new ideas to help Lime Crime. It is a circular process where everyone benefits. One person who has assisted Deere the most is her “partner-in-lime-crime” Mark. Mark is currently the President of Lime Crime and partner of Doe Deere. They have known each other for sixteen years and Deere states that the company would have taken twice the time to get where it is now without his help.




Julie Zuckerberg: An Experienced Talent Recruiter

Recruiting the right talent for any a particular vacancy within an organization and reducing cases of talent attrition play a critical role in determining organizational success. Therefore, talent acquisition is a vital organizational process. However, identifying the right talent and successfully initiating the right process of recruiting them requires experience and academic background. One such individual who has made a name for herself as an experienced executive recruiter is Julie Zuckerberg: a multitalented New York City-based talent recruiter with a lot of experience working for high profile companies.


Career History


Julie Zuckerberg’s stellar career an executive talent recruiter began in 2002 when she joined Hudson. She joined the team as the director of candidate placement where she played a vital role in staffing and recruiting of the firm’s talents in various fields including case managers, support staff expatriates and attorneys. She successfully served the position for five years before moving on to a new challenge in 2007.


Julie Zuckerberg has built her career as a recruiter by taking on new challenges that has helped in building her profile as one of the leading talent recruiters in the industry. After leaving Hudson, she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank. At Citi, she took on greater career challenge as she served not only as the company’s chief recruiter for senior staff; she was also the company’s vice president. She played a key role in helping the firm’s management reform its job description and specifications especially for its executive staff. At the financial service company, Julie Zuckerberg also took on the role of talent development where she oversaw employee training and education. Her five year stay at the company saw her train the employees on the various services offered by the firm as well as client vetting.


She later joined New York Life Insurance in 2013 for four months where she served as the chief recruiter where she was tasked with managing the company’s recruitment process. She also helped with development of business strategies. She later joined Deutsche Bank Vice President of in 2014 as its vice president and head of talent acquisition. She held the position for close to a year before taken up the position of executive talent acquisition lead in 2015. Her current position involves a wide ray of responsibilities that stretches beyond hiring. She plays a key role in contract negotiations while offering advisory on talent acquisition and management services to the company’s executive management.


Academic History and Skillset


Julie Zuckerberg holds a degree in philosophy City from University of New York at its Brooklyn College. She later took up law where she graduated from New York Law School. Her ability to identify and recruiter the best talent for such high profile companies has been helped in part her academic qualifications and skillset. She has excellent conflict resolution, interviewing and team leadership skills. She is an excellent talent manager with good behavioral interviewing skills. This has enabled Julie Zuckerberg to manage the recruitment process for her employers as well as contract negotiation and employee education and training.

Cancer and Aging Healthcare Professionals Deserving Accolades: Mikhail Blagosklonny Tops the List

Gradually the human race is winning the war against cancer and aging. This is something encouraging as the menace of cancer, in particularly, has been devastating the human race. Many great minds well positioned to make the world a better place were terminated by this fatal disease. Also, since majority of cancer cases occur among people in their late 50s, 60s and beyond, this dreaded disease discourages hard-work as it does not give people the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. What the point laboring night and day without have a good taste of resources acquired? Visit ResearchGate to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

The men and women at the battle field discomfiting cancer and related diseases should be commended for effort asserted so far. They are literally cutting down on the number of human casualties to cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny stands tall among these noble and distinguished fellows for obvious reasons.

No one can tell the actual number of researches on cancer and aging Mikhail has conducted, they are simply too numerous. Even Mikhail himself has lost count of them. He caught the attention of the international society when he formulated a hypothesis on the possible action of TOR signaling, which has greatly boosted efforts in curbing cancer and aging. The popular cancer and anti-aging drug, ramapycin, would have remained in obscurity if not for Mikhail Blagoskloonny’s unflinching support.

Worthy of mention is the undeniable editorial skills of this noble figure. He has authored over 300 articles, book chapters and reviews so far. Many medical journals and magazines will not mind sacrificing anything to have him in their editorial teams. His writings are center on issues pertaining to cancer and aging where he holds a disputable depth of knowledge and experience. The likes of Cell Death & Differentiation, American Journals of Pathology, Cancer Biology & Therapy, and International Journal of Cancer have him on their editorial boards.

Mikhail Blagosklonny deserves all the accolades. He has been on the forefront of the war against cancer and aging for decades. Even though he advances in age yearly, he is still giving his best to the campaign. There are few cancer healthcare professionals that can rival his commitment and competence. View to read more about Mikhail

George Soros Politics

Running a political campaign is a lot harder than many people realize. Over the years, George Soros has done a great job of helping people in this area. He is one of the leading voices in politics today, and everyone could learn a thing or two from him. Because of his background, he has a great work ethic and passion for success. Many people today are excited about the different things that he is offering to do for candidates around the world. Although he does have strong political beliefs, he also believes in diversity and helping others get to the next level in life. If you want to make a difference in life, learning a few lessons from George Soros is the way to go. Many people today are excited about the changes that he is making in his own life. Learn more about George at

George Soros

From the time he was young, George Soros has always been about helping others. There are many people who are excited about what he is bringing to the table. Not only that, but he is working to make a difference in the world through his charity and giving work. If you want to help others, this is often one of the best things that you can do. Over time, he has proven to truly care about the lives of other people that he is interacting with. With all of the wealth he has, he knows what it takes to invest in a business and make it grow over time. There are many people who want to learn how to build a great business and how to use the capital they have to make a difference in the world.

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When it comes to politics, planning is one of the most important parts of success. A lot of people in politics think that just giving money out is the way to go in order to win. However, George Soros knows that he can make a much bigger impact if he is willing to invest in the lives of people along the way. He knows how important it is to plan with others, and he has a track record of success in this area at a high level. If you are ready to invest for the future, George Soros is your guy.

Overall, George Soros has lived a life of great success. Despite starting in poverty, he has been able to scale up his business to be one of the best in the world. If you want to learn from someone like him, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. He has a huge following and is always willing to answer questions from people who ask.

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Omar Boraie Makes New Brunswick A Better Community

There are many people who are benefiting from Omar Boriae and his amazing community outreach in New Jersey. He runs a lovely development company that has made many changes to the community, and he i ensuring that all the people of New Jersey have a better place to live or work, read the full article that can be found on NJ Biz. He has helped with a number of projects that will make a difference for all, and this article explains how he does his work. Someone who lives in New Jersey is likely familiar with Omar and his family’s incredible work.

#1: The Company Develops All Manner Of Property

According to Patch, there are many different properties that have been developed by Omar and his team, and he looks into many different parts of the state where he may make a difference. He works with cities to ensure they are giving their citizens the best places to live or work, and he does much of the work himself. Planning development is simple, and Omar knows how to turn any area into something special.

#2: The Developments Rise In Value

Developments that are created by Omar and his team are rising in value every year, and they are bringing value back to the places where it once did not exist. He has been helping many different areas of New Jersey change, and he knows they will improve their overall quality of life when they are developed properly. This is a task that is best done by professionals, and Omar knows the simplest ways to complete each task.

#3: His Work With Cities

There are many people who are searching for a better way to live of work, and they may flock to areas that have been developed by Omar Boraie because they offer more jobs and more opportunity for everyone. These locations are perfect because they provide quite a lot of help to those who need it. Omar is helping schools improve, and he is bringing communities together by building multi-use properties that will service everyone for many years to come.

The Boraie family has been led by Omar for some time now, and he does quite a lot of work in the New Jersey area to ensure people are living well. He knows how to help someone who does not have a proper place to live, and he knows how to bring people to a location that will give them a job and security.


The Betsy DeVos Imprint That Could Change Our Children’s Learning For The Better

Betsy Devos is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, former head of the Amway Corporation and the oldest son of Rich DeVos, Amway co-founder. Betsy’s father was also a pioneer in industry as he invented the pull-down sun visor with a mirror for automobiles.

Betsy has always been involved in politics since she was in college and has worked for the Republican Party in several organizational and supportive roles at high levels. She and her husband are also very involved in philanthropic organizations such as Kids Hope USA, The Foundation for Excellence in Education, and others.

Betsy DeVos was recently named the United States Secretary of Education by President Donald Trump and was confirmed in that post by Congress.

In her interviews before Congress before her confirmation, Betsy got quite a grilling, mostly from the opposition party. She was questioned about her plans for public education, and she told them, but of course there was immediate disagreement.

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To Betsy DeVos the educational choices for American School Children are clear. It is a fact that our public educational system is doing an adequate job in some areas and is lacking in others. Students living in middle class to affluent areas have better schools, better teachers, and more resources. Students who are living in the inner cities have little to nothing in the way of resources, and the conditions are not very good. So public schools are one choice that is available.

Private schools and charter schools are the second choice and this is a very flexible option. The benchmark of how a child is educated and the worth of that education are predicated on whether or not the student meets the academic requirements for completion of that phase of his or her education. This is proven to work with the GED programs all over the country. In our technological society, there are better ways of education our students than forcing them to come to a certain physical location and sit in four or five 30 minute lectures a day.

There are so many ways to present education from the standpoint of technology where location doesn’t matter that we are wasting time and money trying to continue to do it the old way. A lot of the turmoil is wrapped around the teacher’s unions where it is perceived that the career teacher is going to be a thing of the past. This is not true for the good teachers because there will be a competitive market created that will filter out the bad ones and enhance the careers of the good teachers.

The third choice is homeschooling which has shown excellent results. The scores that come from the home schooled students are off the chart as far as results. According to DeVos, we need to take a hard look at what is available to us in the way of resources and level the playing field where disadvantaged students have the same opportunities as everyone else. Keeping them in old school buildings may not be the best answer.

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Build Rich Full Lips With An Organic Lip Balm

You’re only given one set of lips and they require a gentle treatment that will not threaten your natural moisture. EOS lip balm products are known for all natural ingredients that protect your lips. They are infused with the perfect blend of shea butter and jojoba oil for maximum protection and ultra-moist coverage. Thousands of women around the world say it leaves their lips feeling silky smooth with their very first application. You can get all natural protection from UV rays and the minor effects from smoking and other bad habits that are bad on your lips. EOS lip balm products are very popular and being used by some of the top professionals in the industry including Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

Why Evolution Of Smooth Has Become Popular

There is a new EOS lip balm product that is popular among thousands of Facebook fans because of their unique blend of all natural shea butter and jojoba oil along with essential vitamins. Vitamin C and E have been known for repairing dry damaged skin and is preferred by women that are looking for organic products. The Lip Balm Company is revolutionizing the way women take care of their lips. Eliminate the need for invasive lip surgery or treatments to restore or repair your lips. Get all natural coverage with the perfect blend of moisture, flavor, and coverage with Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of Smooth Products

– Mint Kisser

– Almond Mint Milk

– Wildberry

– Lemon Drop

– Purple Sorbet

– Original EOS lip balm product

and more…

You’re invited to saturate your lips with delectable flavors that will leave your lips craving Evolution of Smooth. They are committed to giving you quality affordable lip therapy with proven results. Discover the benefits of EOS lip balm products today.

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Dr Akhil Reddy Putting Smiles on the People of Texas

When in the Fort Worth Texas area getting a dentist that is qualified in solving a number of dental issues will be of the utmost importance. This is why MB2 Dental was started by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva in 2009.

They firm works with a number of providers in and around the area to help deliver the solutions that they are seeking out and to help them run their offices a little more effective. One of the people that MB2 Dental works with is Dr. Akhil Reddy. Dr. Reddy has been in business for around six years working at Hulen Mall Family Dental. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

During his time at Hulen Mall Family Dental, Dr. Reddy has received a large number of awards and recognition for his outstanding dental work and his patients are eager to pass along the positive reviews about his work.

White Pages believes that part of what has made Dr. Akhil Reddy able to run such a well-oiled machine is the affiliation that his office has with MB2 Dental.

Having Human Resources outsourced through MB2 allows his staff to focus more on his patients and less time having to worry about things that a company like MB2 can handle. Also when it comes to dealing with financial records, MB2 has shown an excellence at managing this as well.

Some of the services that Dr. Akhil Reddy can provide his patients are as follows, basic dentist services as well as emergency care and oral surgery. Any person that has been fortunate enough for Dr. Reddy to service them will agree that he is one of the top notch dentists out ion the Texas area.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are ever in need of dental services, your best choice will be to make an appointment with Dr. Akhil Reddy and have him and his staff provides you some of the top notch services that he has been providing his patients over the course of the last several years.

There is no doubt that with the services that MB2 Dental provides his business and the excellent customer service that Dr. Reddy has, he will continue to be the leading dentist in the greater Fort Worth area.

Get to Know the Kate’s


The hot Kate Mara is an actress from America. She has recently starred in a Netflix original by the name of House of Cards. She has also appeared in many movies such as Fantastic Four, We are Marshall and Morgan. Kate Mara was accepted into an art school in New York known as Tisch School of the Arts where she planned to study music theatre; however, she later declined a spot there because she just wanted to focus on her acting. Her first role in a TV series took place in 1997 on the show Law and Order. Kate Mara is currently engaged to Jamie Bell, who was her co-star when she filmed the movie Fantastic Four.


Kate Winslet is an English actress as well as a singer. She has received numerous awards throughout her career including four Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an AACTA Award. Kate Winslet began her career as an actress in 1991 when she starred on British television. Kate Winslet is also well known for her role as Rose in Titanic. Kate Winslet and her former husband Jim Threapleton have a daughter by the name of Mia. Kate also has a son with another former husband Sam Mendes. Their son is named Joe. Kate Winslet is currently married to Ned Rocknroll and they have a son together by the name of Bear. Kate has been honored at the 53rd New York Film Festival for all of her contributions to arts. She also was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Kate Winslet pictures are everywhere online, as she’s also renown for her beauty.