The A, B, C’s of is an alternative medicine franchise created by A.D. Dolphin in 2004. Dherbs offers several different types of cleanses, which include 10 Day Blood Cleanse, 10 Day Heart Cleanse, and their 10 Day Kidney Cleanse. The 10 Day Blood Cleanse is focused mainly on cleansing, purifying, and detoxifying your blood. It helps in maintaining a normal blood count and boosting your immunity. Their 10 Day Heart Cleanse helps to maintain the best health and well-being of your heart, along with helping maintain a regular heartbeat as well.

On the Official Tumblr, you can find a lot of useful, helpful information. It provides advice on how to use the Dherbs cleanses, some healthy food alternatives, and even offer a few healthy recipes. has been featured in several media outlets, including LA Focus Newspaper in July 2013, in February 2016, and was even mentioned on Steve Harvey Morning Show in July 2015. Their latest appearance has been on the Steve Harvey Show for JUMP week in November 2016.


One Yelper stated that she saw “an increase in her energy, mental clarity, and over positive vibes.”


Dherbs is a company that is always reinventing themselves to stay with the trends and advances with herbal formulas. Their changes are always progressing and advancing, which means their products, prices, and services are always being adapted to meet the market requirements as well as their customer needs.  Check out’s Facebook page for more information.


Bernardo Chua Combines His Talents in Organo as Successful Direct Sales

The success of the direct sales industry is a business style that depends on the distributors that make up the company.  As Founder and CEO of Organo, Bernardo Chua possesses both.

In less than a decade, Bernardo Chua has developed his gourmet coffee company, which is now 55th of the direct sales companies in 35 countries. Bernardo Chua excels in leading a hub of over one million distributors to carry out his goal of introducing Ganoderma to the world. With Organo, he is infusing Columbian coffee and herbal tea to accomplish his goal.
Bernardo grew up in the Philippines where his mother used the 4,000-year-old Chinese herb, daily. It was here that he acquired the desire to share it with as many people as possible. He attended business school and moved to British Columbia, Canada where he founded his first company in 2000 called Gano Excel. At Gano Excel, he initiated his techniques in business using direct sales and sold the Ganoderma as a health food supplement.

Mr. Chua is a people-person at heart and is understanding and caring to his staff. As an example of this relationship, he asks them to refer to him as “Bernie,” his long-time childhood name. Bernie oversees all the distributors today.

In 2004, Bernie discovered that by using high-quality Ganoderma from the Asian Mountains, he could infuse rich coffees and teas with the super-herb, so it would be convenient for people to consume and obtain for better health. He closed Gano Excel because of the outdated concept of how to sell the Ganoderma, and in 2007, he founded his second business called Organo Gold.

Bernardo has become an unbelievable success in just a few years, and with the direct sales type of business, everyone in his company shares in the success. Last year, he changed the name to Organo, and he opened the country of Turkey to Organo distribution.

How A Female Plastic Surgeon Does It All

Harper’s Bazar Magazine has announced that Dr. Jennifer Walden is the 24th top beauty surgeon in the United States. This extraordinary woman has found a way to have it all but not without it being a challenge. She has had an outstanding work ethic but still maintains a warm side for patients and family.


Dr. Jennifer Walden trained in New York city where she established a successful practice in Manhattan. She remained there for several years until she decided that she wanted children. She explained that when she reached her late thirties she really started to yearn for children and decided it was time.


Dr. Walden is originally from Austin Texas where she completed her bachelor degree before working in Manhattan New York. Her father was a dentist and her mother a nurse, so she was definitely surrounded by the medical field. She also was surrounded by parents that had good work ethics which definitely rubbed off on her. She said that her parents where wonderful role models.


After completing school in Austin she was accepted into medical school and then into the plastic surgery program at UT Galveston. She then was accepted into a post-residency aesthetic surgery fellowship program at the Manhattan Ears Nose and Throat Hospital. She really loved Manhattan and remained there for 8 years. She decided to leave only because of her children.


Dr. Walden moved back to Austin and started all over and built a practice there. She decided to move back because she wanted her children to be around family and have the support she had growing up.  She shows how having support, determination and love for your family can give you a balanced and wonderful life.

David Osio and the Davos Property Management Company Team Announces the Launch of the Davos Mobile Application

Davos Real Estate Group is here to announce that it has recently launched new mobile application software that allows its prospective members calculate the amount gained through investing with the company. The Davos CAP Calculator is the mobile app that lets you estimate the net profit you will earn through investing with the enterprise. The company has a future to develop numerous applications of that kind that allows you to engage in a chat with a real estate developer at Davos Real Estate Group. While using the mobile app, you have the capability to choose the type of investment that suits your preferences and needs.


Davos Real Estate Group is one of the best and independent companies that are part of the larger Davos Financial Group. This is an international financial organization whose aim is to cover the Latin America market. For more than 20 years of professional experience, the company offers comprehensive financial advice and investment opportunities. The main business of the company is to focus on the developing the most attractive investment strategies that are geared towards meeting the specific needs of their clients.


The Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, David Gonzalez, has worked for the past six months with the Tecknolution Company to develop and design the high-end tool. This mobile application allows the clients to estimate the net worth of their investment in a given period. The company has also announced that there us a series of other application on the way that complements this application. This property has the capability to identify a property through the phone. You can choose the property and have an estimate of the amount you expect to generate from the property.


David Osio, regarding the origin of the mobile application, says that the Davos Real Estate Group has seen the great need to develop the mobile application to enable the company to achieve their business objectives. Their highly-esteemed clients have all it takes to achieve a long-term development from their mobile phones. The application has been developed and released to online applications stores including Android and iPhone. You can also estimate the price of a rental property that suits your income. According to Gonzalez, this application is the best tools in the market to enable investors to make the most informed choices.

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Danilo Diaz Granados Hosts an Unbelievable Action-Filled Event


The Toys for Boys’ co-founder, Danilo Diaz Granados, has arranged another thrilling event for his affluent visitants in Miami. This event will be will feature exclusive previews, exquisite cuisines, helicopter rides, bottles of Dom Perignon, time at the track, and a sunset boat ride on the Miami beach. When he co-founded the Toys for Boys’ in 2013, Granados held numerous hyper-sensory involvements for his distinguished guests.


Danilo Diaz Granados says that he wants to create an opportunity that will give his visitants a high-end experience. He goes further by saying that the men in Miami have a place to check out the one-of-a-kind, extravagant places and products. The hand-picked guests at the hosted event got the privilege to participate in the special breakfast at the One Thousand Museum of Dama Zaha Hadid sales center they were then highlighted on the highly-anticipated residential construction in upscale Biscayne, Miami.


The main goal of this event is to offer an exceptional opportunity for the visitants to connect with art, cuisine, and entertainment-worthy style in Miami. Danilo Granados joined his visitants on a 30-minute helicopter ride to the Race Track Palm Beach where every one of the visitants had to spin around the track and jump on the wheel. The events also continued as the visitants returned to the main hall through helicopter.


The day ended with a beautiful sunset ride at the bay. He continued to say that their sponsors, Technomar and Van Dutch, enabled them to test the newest boats to conclude the day. Danilo Diaz Granados, together with his partners, worked with other companies to make the day successful. Their sponsors included Air Commander Aerospace, Thousand Museum, Gryphon Racing, and Van Dutch Americas.


His life was designed to make a change in the world. While he attended Babson College, as shown through LinkedIn, he developed his entrepreneurial life. When he moved to Miami, he decided to venture into the toys for Boys’ boutique. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics.  Make sure to follow Danilo on Twitter to get more insight into his expertise.

SMU Boosts Executive Board

The Cox School of Business, which was started in Dallas almost one hundred years ago on the campus of Southern Methodist University, has enhanced its board with a new member.

With more than thirty years financial skill, Highland Capital Management’s co-founder and president, James Dondero has been appointed to the board and will increase Highland’s dedication to SMU and its policies.

The board, which meets three times a year, is made up of approximately 100 appointed members, most of whom are non-academics, who recommend options on the policies and approaches of the school.

Dondero commented in a statement that he is privileged to lend a hand with the current numerous growth and initiatives at the Cox School at SMU.

The management firm and the university have worked together for several years through programs that take in helping students track their academic and professionals goals through a scholars program as well as through support of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Dondero began his career as an analyst in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program following graduation from the University of Virginia. Over the years he has become an expert in the credit and equity markets.

Active in philanthropy, Highland Capital Management donates more than $3 million a year to charities through the Dallas Foundation which supports humanitarian topics such as health, education and veterans. Learn more about James Dondero:

The Cox School of business offers undergraduate and graduate business education programs that include BBA, MBA, Executive MBA, MA/MBA degrees as well as Executive Education and other programs.

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The Transformative Leadership Of Richard Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides At InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a respected provider of Medicaid, Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services in North America. In the recent past, the company has had tremendous growth because of its outstanding leadership team. Besides Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, the company has other visionary leaders. They are S Bhasker, Jonathan Meyers, Michael Sortino, Christopher Joyce and Douglas Malton. InnovaCare Health serves over 200,000 individuals with a network of at least 7,500 health providers. Its focus is to enhance healthcare management by offering high-quality services to all its clients. The firm’s headquarters are based in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Dr. Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto is the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. He is also the president of the company. Before joining the corporation, Dr. Rick Shinto worked for various companies. He was the CEO of MMM Healthcare, Aveta, and PMC Medicare Choice. He has also worked for NAMM, Medical Pathway Management Company, and Cal Optima health plan. In these firms, he served in various top management positions such as the CEO, president, and chief medical officer. His broad experience of more than 20 years in managed care has played an instrumental role in enhancing services and operations at InnovaCare Health. Before joining management positions, Dr. Shinto worked as an intern and pulmonologist in Sothern California. He holds a BS from the University of California. Shinto has a medical degree from SUNY, and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Redlands. He was appointed as the CEO and president of InnovaCare in 2012.

According to official documents, she assumed her roles in June 2015. Kokkinides works as the chief administrative officer and chief operating officer. Before joining the company, she worked for Aveta in the same positions. She brought with her over 20 years of experience in government health programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Additionally, Penelope Kokkinides is an expert in managing health care processes and developing quality clinical programs. She gained most of her skills and expertise while working for Aveta, Touchstone health, AmeriChoice and United health Group. At Centerlight Healthcare, Penelope served as the executive vice president and COO. Kokkinides has a strong educational background on She is an alumnus of the Binghamton University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages.


Town Residential Works Hard in New York City

Town Residential is one of the premier real estate companies in New York City. They have been able to make a name for themselves and they have worked very hard to be able to do that. This has given them the chance to make things better and to continue to grow. They have been doing a lot during that time and it has given them the chance to do things for their business. They have been a great help with the different things that they have and it has also given them the chance to serve even more clients.


The New York City market is one that most people do not want to get in because of the way that they have done things. There are not a lot of places for people to live but there are a lot of people who are looking for places to live. This has given Town Residential the edge that they need to make things better for their business. They are not afraid of the New York City real estate market and they have essentially dominated it in the time that they have been in business. It has given them the chance to make sure that they are the best of the best especially when they are the only ones.


In the past, Town Residential has done everything that they could to make things work for their business. This has also contributed to their success and they have done well with what they have in the business. Even though they have only been in business for three years, they have seen more growth in that time than most companies have seen in many years in business.


The agents are truly the ones who make the difference for Town Residential. They are very professional people who have worked hard to get where they are. Each of the agents who works for Town Residential has been able to bring their own connections to the table. They have worked hard for this and it has paid off for Town Residential. The agents that they have are the ones who have been able to do a lot of things that other companies are not able to do in the New York City real estate market.


In the coming years, they plan to grow even more. They want to grow out of the Manhattan area so that they can help even more people. They are going to take their business even further in the time that they are in business. They plan to grow from just a residential real estate company to a company that has been able to help many people. They want to work in the wholesale, development and even the commercial aspects of real estate so that they are able to help every person who is in New York City.


Nationwide Works for Clients and Employees

The point of Nationwide Title Clearing was so that they would be able to help their clients with the purchasing process of the home that they want. This has allowed Nationwide to be successful and the company has branched off to so much more than that and now they offer their clients even more services. That is not what is unique about Nationwide Title Clearing, though. The way that they treat their employees is something that does make the company unique and something that allows them to constantly win awards with the way that things are done within the company for the employees.


The employees of the company are treated to paid vacations. Nationwide Title Clearing pays for employees to have a vacation. They don’t just give them the time off that they need for a vacation but they do give them the vacation. They are able to pay for this out of the profits even though it does cut into some of the profits. They choose to invest that money back into the happiness of employees so that they can do better at the jobs that they have in the industry that they are in.


Nationwide knows that and they work to make sure that their employees know that they are appreciated. They can choose to do different things when it comes to making them happy. Along with vacations that they offer to their clients, they also offer them the chance for bonuses, raises and opportunities that are different than what any other company is able to offer their clients in the business that Nationwide Title Clearing is a part of with the different services that they offer to their clients.



Their commitment to their employees really shows. Even clients are able to see how happy the employees are and that makes a difference for the clients. They enjoy going to Nationwide Title Clearing for their document processing because they know that the employees are pleasant and that they are working toward making things better for the company. When it comes to the different things that clients look for at Nationwide Title Clearing, they are able to get what they need from the different offerings.

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Finances and How VTA Publications Works As A Whole


And unfortunately, many people today don’t consider these things important enough to figure out how to the hard work themselves. Further, more and more people these days are hoping something will just happen by chance to land with lots of cash. For instance, many buy lots of lottery tickets in the slim chance they will win loads of cash. In the extreme hope that something good like this will happen, people are ignoring the irrationality and complete impracticality of such a desire.  More informative stories like these can be sought on the VTA Publications website, where they publish tons of free articles for investors interested in getting involved.


VTA Publications Limited is committed to publishing non-fiction publications for long distance courses. It has been faithfully producing its educational material since December 3, 2012. For instance, they churn out material such as mentioned above which discusses practical methods of thinking about and practicing sound financial methods. Since its founding, VTA Publications has become enormously popular among long distance students with thousands worldwide currently utilizing the material. And under the leadership of Jim Hunt, it is committed to growing that clientele by making its material even better. Jim Hunt presently serves as its CEO and financial adviser.  Get an idea of what Jim has been doing through his YouTube which documents all major trades that he’s made.  Also, check out the new interview with Jim on Ideamensch.