Since the arrival of Desiree Perez the online music streaming service Tidal has flourished. Desiree, also known as Dez, is a member of the Hova Circle of Influence. This circle runs Jay Z’s company, ROC Nation, and is composed of Desiree, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith, Jana Fleischman, and Desiree’s husband Juan Perez. The Hova Circle of Influence is also heavily involved with Tidal.

Desiree has acquired a reputation for being a tough negotiator with a broad depth of knowledge in the music business. She has put these abilities to work for Tidal and was instrumental in turning the company around. Since her time with the music streaming service she has been instrumental in gaining exclusive rights to a number of musical artists. This includes the album The Life of Pablo by Kanye West as well as exclusive contracts with Rihanna, Beyonce, and T.I.

Dez has been a trusted friend of Jay Z’s for over 20 years and has also run his company SC Enterprises. Under her leadership the Tidal app has greatly increased its market share on the iTunes store and has gathered over a million additional subscribers. Desiree was brought in after a string of executives had difficulty expanding the subscriber base of Tidal. She has turned the focus of the Tidal app to be on new music rather than older albums. She also had a hand in creating a prominent part of the app that features new and upcoming artists.

Desiree Perez has garnered respect for her ability to finalize deals on favorable terms. She has been involved with getting multi-million dollar contracts signed with artists for Tidal. Perez has been credited with having the right mindset to increase the appeal of Tidal with these exclusive contracts.

Dez is also known for her excellent accounting skills. She really knows her numbers and what will work in a contract and what won’t, as well as the financial health of the companies she has worked for. She is also known as the person who put together the deals that put on Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour as well as heavily involved in Rihanna’s Samsung deal.

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