Betsy Devos is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, former head of the Amway Corporation and the oldest son of Rich DeVos, Amway co-founder. Betsy’s father was also a pioneer in industry as he invented the pull-down sun visor with a mirror for automobiles.

Betsy has always been involved in politics since she was in college and has worked for the Republican Party in several organizational and supportive roles at high levels. She and her husband are also very involved in philanthropic organizations such as Kids Hope USA, The Foundation for Excellence in Education, and others.

Betsy DeVos was recently named the United States Secretary of Education by President Donald Trump and was confirmed in that post by Congress.

In her interviews before Congress before her confirmation, Betsy got quite a grilling, mostly from the opposition party. She was questioned about her plans for public education, and she told them, but of course there was immediate disagreement.

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To Betsy DeVos the educational choices for American School Children are clear. It is a fact that our public educational system is doing an adequate job in some areas and is lacking in others. Students living in middle class to affluent areas have better schools, better teachers, and more resources. Students who are living in the inner cities have little to nothing in the way of resources, and the conditions are not very good. So public schools are one choice that is available.

Private schools and charter schools are the second choice and this is a very flexible option. The benchmark of how a child is educated and the worth of that education are predicated on whether or not the student meets the academic requirements for completion of that phase of his or her education. This is proven to work with the GED programs all over the country. In our technological society, there are better ways of education our students than forcing them to come to a certain physical location and sit in four or five 30 minute lectures a day.

There are so many ways to present education from the standpoint of technology where location doesn’t matter that we are wasting time and money trying to continue to do it the old way. A lot of the turmoil is wrapped around the teacher’s unions where it is perceived that the career teacher is going to be a thing of the past. This is not true for the good teachers because there will be a competitive market created that will filter out the bad ones and enhance the careers of the good teachers.

The third choice is homeschooling which has shown excellent results. The scores that come from the home schooled students are off the chart as far as results. According to DeVos, we need to take a hard look at what is available to us in the way of resources and level the playing field where disadvantaged students have the same opportunities as everyone else. Keeping them in old school buildings may not be the best answer.

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