Logan Stout was born and raised in Texas. Logan Stout went to J.J Pearce High School in Richardson. During his school life, Logan Stout participated in various sports such as baseball. Logan worked towards developing strategies geared towards winning. Logan wanted success in his class work, sports field and his hobby. Logan’s outstanding qualities put him in the school’s leadership position. Logan Stout served on the Student Council of Athletics. Stout also earned an MVP title during his senior and junior basketball seasons.

After high school, Stout went to Panola. At Panola, Stout earned a degree in business. Logan also received a degree in psychology from the Dallas University. After that, Stout became a professional baseball athlete. Logan has received various prestigious awards for his incredible performance in what he does.

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Logan Stout values the art of giving. Mr. Logan shares his acquired knowledge with other individuals. While at the University of Dallas, Logan served as the youth minister. Additionally, Logan Stout offered to be the coach of the Dallas Baptist University baseball team. His contributions in that university were greatly appreciated. Besides helping, Logan continues to improve his baseball techniques. Logan plays baseball with the famous Fort Worth Cats.

Mr. Stout’s success wired mind has also led him to be a successful entrepreneur. Logan Stout founded IDLife which is a healthcare company that provides nutritional supplements designed to meet customer’s goals. ID Life is able to fully satisfy clients by the use of a questionnaire. Once you visit ID Life, a personal health habit questionnaire is taken into account. Professionals then provide the recommended supplement that best suits the client’s needs.

ID Life’s success is also contributed by Logan’s business partners. Logan Stout has partnered with other exponential individuals. ID Life’s partners include Jen Widerstrom and Troy Aikman. Together, ID Life Company will experience overwhelming growth to help develop people’s health and well-being.