Who is he?

Founder of Irish Transport and the General Workers Union, James Larkin was an Irish labor organizer and activist.Born in Liverpool on the 21st of January, 1876; James Larkin, the son of Irish parents grew up in poverty. Living in the slums was hard, because of the families financial situation, Larkin received little to no formal education.

Larkin learned early as a child the importance of labor. As was common for the time, Larkin was forced to work to contribute to the families income. Having worked in a multitude of jobs, Larkin developed a hard workers mindset that would allow him to persevere through many seemingly – impossible situations. Years later,(1903) Larkin got hired as a dock foreman, there he met a dazzling woman by the name of Elizabeth Brown. That same year, the two got married.

Larkins labor strikes

Being a part of an Independent Labor Party, Jim Larkin was part of the small group of people that joined the infamous “Strike on Liverpool docks”.Because of the influential role that he played,Larkin was fired from his job. His courageousness was recognized by the NUDL, which was a big dock labor organization, and even had him play a key role as a coordinator in the group for a certain length of time.

Time after time,Larkin proved himself to be a valuable asset to the group.This led Larkin to gain a perpetual status in the movement group, they assigned him various missions and tasks to carry out.The first of which being in Ireland, January 1907. Larkin traveled to Belfast to attempt to unite and lead the dock workers.After much work, Larkin prevailed and when the time came to strike against employers, Belfast was ready. Inspiring other workers in the process, a series of labor strikes took place that month of June.

The Mark of a Legend

Larkin continued to assist in strikes all over, eventually making his way to Waterford to lead similar strikes – with much success. However,Larkin’s connection to the strike was something NUDL didn’t agree with, and as a result he was “banished” from the movement. Taken to court under the suspicion of misusing the movement’s money, Larkin was even sentenced to a year in Jail for Theft and embezzlement in 1910.

This was seen as unfair and wrong by the public, after much deserved protests carried out in his names, he was released. Upon his pardon,Larkin continued to inspire the masses and lead other unions and organizations, not just in Ireland but in America as well. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin – Biography

He played a major role in the Dublin Lockout which was a huge deal that took place in the capital city of Ireland. In the process,Larkins Irish Transport and General Workers union collapsed. Lasting for more than a year, and seen as the most disastrous industrial conflict in Irish History. Larkin died in his sleep on 30 January 1947, Thousands assembled to mourn the passing of a legend.