Americans consume more than 660 liters of water a day. Other countries are not as fortunate. Countries such as Malawi, only consume 15-20 liters per day. There are areas in which safe and clean water is available however, there are also plenty are areas with no access to safe water, turning many situations into life and death. Waiākea Water and PumpAid have teamed up to help provide and sustain clean safe water for Malawi and other countries in need. PumpAid’s award winning Elephant Pump is assembled by Waiākea building teams who dig the wells and assemble the pump’s interior mechanism all the while training community volunteers to do the same. By doing so, this allows the volunteers to learn to help maintain and/or fix any problems that may arise with the pumps in the future without any additional help. As a direct result of the work that Pump Aid and Waiākea have done, more than 1.35 million people have access to safe and clean water. Schools are fuller and there are less deaths and illnesses brought on by unsanitary water conditions.

Waiākea, a Hawaiian based water company, has become known for its water’s health benefits. Their water is created using the natural power of volcanos. It is a pure, naturally alkaline source, and is packaged in eco-conscious material. The water has a pH of 8.8, making it a great antioxidant. Waiākea water provides the recommended daily value of silica. Silica aids in the reduction of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline.

Waiākea excels in its industry because they are innovative and have a greater goal. That goal is to make people and the planet better. Most recently, they are working on making their bottles fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable and was voted #1 in the Top Volcanic Bottled Water Labels of 2017. By being committed to providing the most natural source of bottled water and making a commitment to spread the health to the less fortunate countries of the world, Waiākea will be able to sustain in its industry for years to come.